Friday, July 1, 2011

Tag you're IT!!!

We play a game at Moments called layout tag.
If you remember the old game show from "oldies" TV; it's
played like that. In the game, some whispers a phrase into the first
players ear, and they then whisper it on down the line.
Well layout tag is the same theory.
A layout is chosen by the hostess Janelle, and the first player
"lifts" all or part; that layout is then passed down the
line and so on. It's a lot of fun and it's all secret - you only see 
the layout from the person before you.
There are quite a few twists and turns when its all said and done.
This is my version of the layout I received. And I love the results.
This is my Great Uncle Augie and his nephew Frankie.
In both photos. (Someone on the back of the photo to the right
thought it was a dog, but in looking closer its Frankie).
Sadly, Frankie died when he was 12, so this especially poignant.
If you want to see the succession of "tags" pop on into
June Reveal and check it out!! We have July Tag
coming UP! Jump on in and join us!!!


  1. this is beautiful!! Love your old pic's!!

  2. great layout! tag is always a fun game to play!

  3. It's gorgeous. What a memory to preserve. I'm so sorry he died so young, too.

  4. Such a cool idea to do that "tag" game! And what a gorgeous layout. Very sad that he died so young.


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