Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I know you have been impatiently waiting....

for the unveiling of our expanded lanai.
Lanai is Florida's fancy word for patio.
Ours has doubled in size.
This shot was taken from the sliding glass doors.
(Pool is to the left)
The "living" room furniture is now
where the table and chairs used to be, and
table and chairs were relocated to the expanded space.
We have sooooooooooo much room and comfy space to sit and chit chat.!!!
I love that the table is further out in the space, no more
tripping over people and being crammed into a small space.
Totally worth the wait!!!


  1. this is awesome~you will never get anything done unless you get a scrappy table out there!!!

  2. Beautiful! What a great place to relax and entertain! :o)

  3. wow!!! you have a pool??? my garden has the size of a poststamp!! LOL....hmmmm, I might need to move to the USA...lol

  4. Love the new banner!! always lots of great photos, Lynn~

  5. It's beautiful! I could handle hanging out there! Enjoy it.

  6. Got it allllll ready for meeeee :)


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