Friday, January 18, 2008

An Omen from the Sky....sigh!

As part of my new lifestyle program, I ride my bike to Publix. Not for fun or frivolity but to actually PURCHASE groceries for my NEW LIFESTYLE. Did I mention I have a new lifestyle? snort. Anyway. On my way - minding my own business, listening to the birds, the traffic - of which you have to be totally on your toes with right and left turning traffic. They can make you an oil splat in no time. LOL! Trying to avoid that. Well. Said chirping birds, laid one on my shirt. (Cleaned up as best I could in the restroom, but seriously nothing short of dynamite will get that stuff OFF). Imagine my dismay. Of course this happened when I was yards from said store. SO I peddle on and shop my list. I have one of the Publix bags which hangs like a backpack for the ride home. Well, when you fill their little green basket UP, and have to carry your extra purchases, its probably a good indication that not ALL of your purchases will FIT in your bag. So. Had to call DH to come get the groceries. LOL!!! Shoulda seen that coming. Enjoyed the journey home, because well, its all about earning that extra point, that allows for another snack. LOVE THOSE SNACKS baby.


  1. Oh man! That stinks, Lynn! But, you did get that bike ride in! :D Yay you!

  2. how funny! sorry about the poo, though :) love those publix bags, though...picked one up during my TN Music Marathon visit as a freebie. It's my diaper bag! well, my son's diaper bag...

  3. too funny!!!
    I'm picturing you trying to ride a bike into MY the corner of a MAJOR intersection!! Definately NOT bikeable!!!

  4. OH no, you got pooped on! It happens, well it have never happened to me, but it could LOL.

    Great story.

    Big hugs to you my friend,


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