Sunday, January 27, 2008

Change is in the air...............especially at my house

and here's my LO emphasizing, clarifying and scrapifying my word!!! Didn't put a definition in because pretty much everyone knows about change. You may not be on board but you KNOW about it. lol!!! Well there are times when you jump on board, and there are times when you go kicking and screaming, then there are those times when you really don't wanna go at all. Well I chose to embrace it, welcome it and have a good time w/it. What else can you do that wouldn't be a tad undignified? Not that I can't be all about undignified but that's another whole story. lol!! I feel the need for change. SO I'm gonna go w/it. Haven't been led astray by going w/things. Especially when I'm being pulled that way.
So I'll keep you posted as the changes unfold.


  1. Change is something many people find! I commend you on your choice!! I will pray that you can follow through on your word for the year!! Mine is Positive!!!

  2. love this LO, the blocking is awesome! And you go girl! I for one am ttttterrified of change!


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