Tuesday, January 8, 2008

CHANGE is my word for this year....

(its an Ali Edwards thing and its fun to participate and stretch the limits) Seems like it started w/a bang when my pc crashed and now I have a new operating system and ALL that has changed inside with things lost and recovered (thanks to my clever DH). I've chosen Microsoft digital image suite 2006 anniversary because well I love the pro9 and this just fits me. (Sorry all you PSE6 people-just doesn't work for me) and that's still kind of a change because I'm UPgrading. snort. Second, my appearance will be changing. Hopefully. Joined weight watchers last night with my pal Brookie, so hopefully I won't have to stand behind anyone or make sure I'm turned sideways when I have my picture taken. SNORT. Started this morning and I already feel skinny. Bwahahaha. A true state of MIND. Third, things are happening at home that require changes in attitude and gratitude so prayers would be so appreciated. So all in all, sometime soon a layout w/be reflecting all this.

So now that *I* have EMBRACED CHANGE. It's a good thing. snort.


  1. Great post my fellow goose =). Change is good!!!!!!! Life is good!!!!!! Especially when you have good friends... er, geese!!!

  2. It's never easy to admitt that we ourselves have to change but when we do we are well on the way! Terrific post! Your are written down in my prayer journal which means you will prayed for not just today but for many days!
    God is GOOD!

  3. good luck with your "change"!


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