Monday, May 7, 2018

The wedding service - vows

It's a bit battered and beaten - the beach was windy
and it was in a page protector, and I
decided to save it as is as a reminder of the wind.
It was also sunny and pretty too but that didn't beat up
my papers.
So I took one of my favorite photos of them and
added it to the service, as well as the date, with my date stamp.
 I had also decorated the back side so everyone wouldn't see
a plain white back, because we couldn't have that LOL.
I added the photo of the family using the same colors and
materials on both.
I thought this would make a nice addition to my scrapbook
and of course there'll be more wedding pix, and
I'll also add it the mini album I'm going to make for
my neice. 

Studio Calico.


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