Monday, May 21, 2018

Homemade Traveler's Notebook

It's not fancy - Very basic.
It all started because the TN I already had
had flamingos everywhere.
I live in Florida, I like Flamingoes and usually I don't
have a problem with "makin' do" but I
couldn't get past the Flamingos as a TN for
our trip to Alaska.
Well it was raining, and I was being lazy, so I checked
the TN and decided it can't be that difficult.
 I then measured (I know right) anyway I have a ton
of recollections 8.5x11 white cardstock and decided why not.
 I whacked it down to 8.5x8.5  and folded them in half.
My flamingo book had 15 pages so I rolled with that.
But it needed something else - like a cover.
So using black recollections cardstock - I whacked it down
a bit bigger than the pages and glued to the
front and back of the pack.
 The hardest part was actually stapling the pages together.
I had a small stapler that could be opened (you know what I mean)
so I had a brilliant idea to split the papers in fives and
wa-la semi easy stapling.
I had a ton of Basic Grey stickers that I wanted to use up
and Also some Studio Calico and Inkadinkado stamps that I thought would be cool too.
 And just started decorating the pages randomly.
 I'll be taking photos on this trip of course, but I
won't be printing any, and because CRS (can't remember stuff)
has kicked in, I needed a journal, if you will, to document
our days so I can remember later when I actually scrap the pix.

FULL DISCLAIMER - The black and white striped cover for the journals 
was made by my pal Nat. The cover actually houses our women's devotional study 
and well it totally works for my Alaska stuff.
So now I'm gonna see if she has extras - because 
I need one for my devotionals.

Recollections cardstock, Basic Grey, Studio Calico

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  1. Have fun on your travels and I look forward to seeing the pages when you get the photos scrapped :)


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