Wednesday, May 9, 2018

One for the books

I loved books when I was a kid and it
followed me into adulthood so
when I got this from Studio Calico couldn't 
help but use it.
Love switching off to the 6x12 size.
(I wanna try 9x12 but need to find page protectors)
 Of course I cut the big tag into the books and title.
I love the owl peekin' out.
Wise ole owl.
 When I was in HL the other day Tim Holtz had these
bottlecaps. I KNOW! 
I love bottlecaps and you'll be seeing a lot of them.
What does it have to do with books?
It matches LOL.
But of course Sam loves books.
His mom is a librarian.

Studio Calico, Tim Holtz

1 comment:

  1. One of my favorite sizes! Great looking LO. Oh and that bottle cap 😁


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