Thursday, May 3, 2018

Caution should be used when employing the stink eye

I wrote this awhile ago and decided to revive it because well, why not.

The stink eye or evil eye is a facial expression that implies disdain, disbelief, or disapproval. Stink eye is a universal tactic as all givers and receivers know exactly what’s going

I employed such a method the other day on a complete stranger who appeared to be oblivious to my disdain, disbelief and disapproval much to my utter dismay.

As you may know by now, I love to take pictures. My camera is always at hand waiting for images to hop onto my SD card and I take very good care of both camera and lens. My hubby and I decided to explore as well as lunch on Boca Grande. 

Boca Grande is a quaint little community on Gasparilla Island
that is historical and picturesque. Since I have only seen said island from our boat when cruising the gulf, I naturally grabbed my camera and off we went.

A drawbridge allows entrance onto the island and we have often sailed under that bridge ourselves so it was fun to
actually go over the bridge. The houses are absolutely beautiful and huge. Money lives here. Because its
surrounded by water, the beaches are clean, pretty and very accessible.
And then we came to the beach that has the old lighthouse right next to it.

And a parking lot.

We hopped out of the car to check out the beach because we were also scouting day trips to take once we take possession of our RV. Naturally, I snapped off 9487594574 pictures of
the lighthouse in case it got away while I was strolling the beach.

As we exited from the beach, here is where I threw caution to the wind.

Of course I was eyeing the lighthouse again, which was to my right and in my head lining up 84758475298720487
more shots. My hubby was cruising to the left, heading to the car. Right as I lined up a shot, a car pulled in and parked right in front of my shot.

How rude is that.

That is when I employed the stink eye to the rude driver and fell ass-over-teacup on one of those stupid parking
lot ground markers.

Because while employing said stink eye did I stand still? 

Oh no

I was looking right and walking left; not a good idea when you’re as graceful as I, and, in a blink of an eye, I was on the
ground before I could lower the landing gear to break my fall.

My camera hit the ground lens first. I quickly leaped to my feet, which surprised me too, and immediately checked out the camera. My poor husband ran over and was like “are
you okay, are you okay” (I do love that man) and I was like my lensssss........
He insisted on knowing if I was alright and I was upset about my camera and lens.

Because it wasn’t working.

I have the tamron 18-270 lens which extends and has automatic focus. It was jammed and nothing moved. I was
now mad, upset and totally ticked because I couldn't believe I broke my lens and/or camera and the rude car was still blocking my shot.

We sat in the car for a moment as I mourned my lens. I decided to remove the tamron lens and put another lens on in order to check out the camera - which worked fine. We decided to head to lunch and as I was pondering which alcoholic beverage would ease my sorrow, we pulled out the lens just to make sure it was really really broken. And all of a sudden, shazam, the lens extended and retracted; it focused and nothing rattled when we shook it.

Suddenly all was right with my world.

It was then I confessed to my sweetie that I had been employing the stink eye on the rude driver that screwed up my shot and not watching where I was going.

He had the nerve to smirk and I had another stink eye moment.

Thankfully I was sitting.


  1. Lol, this priceless, Lynn!

    We can only assume that the rude driver was too ignorant to fully appreciate your stink eye. And the fact that your lens recovered means your stink eye was justified. 😁

  2. LOL~ you are such a good writer :)


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