Friday, November 10, 2017

The beginning of the Mississippi Delta Blues Tour

We left yesterday headed first toward Tallahassee but ultimately
our goal was Biloxi, MS.
It was decided to drive straight through and I must say
it was a looonnggg drive.
Especially when it gets dark at 5 p.m. 
That was weird. 
 We didn't get rolling bright and early- at least I didn't -
all that driving you know, LOL,
but we hit the gulf coast road and of course, the obligatory
photo of the lighthouse that is now
right in the middle of the road.
 McElroy's Harbor House was picked for breakfast
and this was the view.
While swooning over the breakfast of shrimp and grits;
here comes a shrimp boat steaming up the harbor.
And than to make a girl even more giddy there's an
entire marina of shrimpers.
While strolling around I found this guy doing circles out in the harbor 
 so I wandered on out to check things out.
After catching this and still not getting the circle mystery
I hear "help" - turning and hoping its
not a drowning or medical emergency because I handle
neither well,  there was this poor fisherman
that did a really good job tangling his lines up
(that I could handle).
(looked like he had an out of control ball of yarn LOL).
If you don't know, I LOVE tangles, I love trying to get them untangled
and crazily enough I have the patience to do it.
I have to admit it took us a few minutes working out the
details but we succeeded and
 I left a happy fisherman that didn't have to cut
 his lines, nor did he lose his fish.
I dont' know about him,
 but I had a good time.
 Cruising up and down the gulf coast road, being a tourist,
right out the car window, is this dolphin coming out of the ground.
How cool is that.
 Another light feature out on the water that we believe was a path
to safe harbor when the weather was foul.
And a palm tree eating shark.
No need for details there.
Does life get any better?
Why yes, yes it does, because tonight 
because we'll be eating more seafood and then 
heading to the Temps & Tops concert.


  1. Oh my the shrimp boats make me swoon love the tangled story...

  2. Wow I am late as always, but glad you did the delta tour during temperate weather! :)
    We were in Memphis in early June and ugh, it was hot and humid! Great pics, looking forward to more.


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