Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Halloween pages

Instead of stretching them out I decided to
just roll with all of them...
So first up is 8.5x11 of Sam and Lou
(Simba and a witch)
So adorable.
Did you notice the color of the paper matches
Lou's witchy face?
Love that.
 Miss Amelia decided to be a cat.
She has some homemade spiders going on -
buttons, cardstock legs and goofy eyes.
Nothing says spooky like that.
Her paper maybe Echo Park (not sure) I mixed
a bunch of lines here. So my bad.
 Next up is Owen and Annie and if 
they hadn't been standing side-by-side I would've
never guessed Owen as Michael Jackson.
And Thriller is perfect.
They totally rocked that.
Got some G45 going on - Fussy cut the title which is
perfect with MJ's & the witches look.

We are headed out again in the RV - going to see my dad
in Tennessee and then slide up the Mississippi 
River again checking out the blues and food.
Also hoping for some pretty fall trees but I'm thinking
we're a bit too late for that. 


  1. Love all three, but number three is my fav. They photos are awesome.

  2. These are darling, yes darling!!! Awesome work!

  3. love there costumes.. they are getting so big!


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