Monday, November 20, 2017

Cotton fields, Crossroads & A Bridge

As we took off to explore Clarksville & Batesville MS
we found cotton fields as far as the eye can see.
 And work was in progress.
 Machines doing the pickin'.
 And the cotton gin where all good cotton balls
go to become awesome clothes.
 Rolled with some B&W because it just 
seemed cooler of some
structures around the town.

 Isn't this mural gorgeous?
 And the ground zero blues club that was closed
when we swung by so the only blues
we heard was on the radio.
And the crossroads sign signifying
the beginning of the blues. 
 Raise your hand if you remember the song
"Ode to Billy Joe".
Well this is not quite the same Tallahatchie bridge
he jumped off of.
It's the new one as the old one collapsed
in June of 1972.
This is the underside because quite frankly the
top wasn't very interesting.
There is supposed to be a plaque commemorating
the bridge but we couldn't find it.
You'd think they'd be more creative with this bridge.


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