Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rockin' still with the old & new Studio Calico kits

I love that their papers are so interchangeable
from one kit to the next.
I have a bad habit of hoarding and then binging
trying to use up older kits before the new one comes.
  I didn't do that here.
I sort of jumped into that new kit - mostly
because that gorgeous paper was yapping at me.
I can dig it.
Of course I popped into the box of scraps
to find the bits and pieces
that make the layers that make
you peek into to see what's there - and you'll
note I used a glassine envelope - 
 So way in the back feeling quite like the big boy
is Sam. Sam is almost two now.

Seriously - some slowing down needs to be happening.

I really love the color combo - especially that pops of "yellow/gold".
I sort of mixed them.
I'm trying to be more whimsical
so I'm not going to hold two different golds against me.


  1. Loving all of the layers and bits peeking out from behind the photo!

  2. I love the layers - they add so much to your layout! Bloggie Love

  3. I love all the papers and layers.

  4. Fabulous layout! Love your layering! BL

  5. very awesome work!!! Great page. Love the blues!!!


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