Tuesday, January 19, 2016

If someone has seen my mojo

I'd appreciate it if you'd pack it up and send it back. I'll pay the postage. It appears after a flurry of rolling out pages the past couple of months - there's zip, zero, nada creativity going on.

Which happens.

I even tried playing around to no avail. So now I'm just ignoring it. I'm reading, exercising, and just hanging around doing nothing, or near to nothing.

We're also gonna be traveling in a couple of days, for a couple of days. Hanging with favorite youngest son should get things rolling. Or not.

In the meantime, we've had some very weird weather going on. High, heavy winds, tornadoes, rain and it finally got cold. So after everything settled down we took a ride over to see what the gulf was doing. The gulf is usually smooth, flat and relatively easy-going. Not on Sunday. It was cranky - extremely cranky and it was rocking and rolling. Of course I took photos.
 I decided to reload lightroom on my computer and give it a roll. Of course it drove me crazy as I'm totally spoiled by aperture, which is going away. I did do a tutorial and what they said I could do and what I actually could do were two different things. My keys didn't work the same as theirs.
Shocking. See the skies are different and I couldn't figure that out either. Grrr....
 I persevered and I'm mostly liking how they turned out, but I can tell you my frustration level was up there. It really shouldn't be this hard.
I therefore, uninstalled, reinstalled, and will give it another shot on other photographs I took that day. I still don't understand the catalog, file and project system. There's a lot of hoop jumping importing and exporting. Is there anything comparable to aperture but not as PIA as lightroom?

AND on another note, anyone else having trouble with blogger loading and uploading? It appears that not only has my creative mojo gone, but it appears my electronic mojo has hit the road too. 

I may have to go unplugged. 


  1. I need simple as possible :) great pictures!

  2. If you find your mojo, see of you can get it to reproduce and send me some! Posting on FB like a mad woman, but no blog mojo at all. Hmmm.


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