Thursday, January 28, 2016

Creating a background

I really wanted to use these veggies again from Basic Grey
and I fussy cut them out from remaining scraps
and I also wanted them to pop.
So I used a small circle stencil and some
modeling paste on a white background.
 I used the packaging technique to add the mists.
They say you can't screw it up.
I don't feel like I screwed it up but I also don't
think it "went on" like those experts in the video showed.
However in the end I did like the result.
 The packaging technique is when you take some mists
and either drop it on or mist it on the plastic
packaging from embellishments - then you smoosh it around
on the packaging and then dab/smear/smoosh
around your page.
It is pretty cool and easy actually.
I seem to make things harder than I have to LOL.
I wanted those veggies as an accent because its a photo
of a veggie - zucchini actually.
Tom's daughter gifted us a spirilizer for Christmas and
we finally got to use it when we
defrosted some homemade spaghetti sauce
in the crockpot this past nippy Sunday - and decided
to forgo the pasta.
We substitued zucchini and spaghetti squash 
and they were both a delicious- my favorite
was the zuchini which was sauteed really really quickly
in oil and garlic so it wouldn't get soggy.
As a result, it had a bit of crunch and we found you need
to make a lot of zucchini to have enough.
It was fun to do and I'll be using that spirilizer more.

Basic Grey with some Mr. Huey mists and some jute because I liked
the rustic-ness of it with the veggies.
I heard Basic Grey is going out of business.
Very sad if true.


  1. Great background and awesome texture on here, Lynn!

  2. great set of BG!!! Love the fussy cutting :)


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