Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas paper NOT Christmas paper

Always a conundrum in decision making
when encountering pretty papers.
I decided to roll with 8.5x11 of this fabulous 
Christmas paper because
I liked both sides of the paper
only then realized that its Christmas paper.
I really went rogue 
and decided to roll with it
even though I noticed that the different sides 
were well really different .
You'll notice the green with white stars - obviously
but then the strip to left is the B side.
Not a speck o'green anywhere on that side.
                And didn't that baffle me for a second or three.
However, since I'm trying to be more whimsical 
I decided no guts - no glory. 
I didn't go too far afield because well - one can only
be so wild and crazy in doses. LOL.
But I love how all the do-dads and embellies came
together - and I have to admit that it
sat on the desk as I walked by and rearranged it
about 1000 times before 
I have learned that I now have commitment issues.


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