Monday, January 18, 2016

Leftover transparency

I have a love/hate relationships with transparencies.
Love that they look so cool...
Hate that they're a pain to adhere......
Here I used the tiny attacher - which was brave of me
because letting staples shine on their own
is hard for me - for some reason I 
feel the need to cover them up.
Being the rebel I am decided to use them on the transparency
and let them be part of the embellishments.
Of course you'll have to look at the last photo to see them.
LOL. I didn't think of what I wanted to "chat" about until I
sat down and after I took the pix.
Isn't that always the way?
 The new Studio Calico kit paper is perfect
for this photo, I think it looks like tire treads.
I also liked the other side so I whacked it down for this page
so I'd have some leftovers.
And those Tim Holtz do-dads have been around
for a LONG long time.
Hardware and tires - win.
 See those staples now?
Three times to hold it down then layered
everything on top.
Those stars are perfect for Connor being at
the top of the heap.
Of course I had the title way before anything else.
It just worked. 

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