Sunday, May 31, 2015

Flipping a page gone wrong

Normally a page gone wrong - I will give it a awhirl and attempt to "save" it,
 however, on this one - in a "what was I thinking"
in using a honey comb stencil with modeling paste and
black enamel paint would enhance a page. 
Maybe less would've been better or maybe a different color
However much I really loved the black striped paper - 
there really wasn't any saving to be had.
So I flipped it over.
And wasn't I lucky it was double sided.
It was a bit wrinkled and didn't have much damage to the flip side.
I also decided that I liked the pattern.
So.....the watercolor and stamping commenced.
 The foundation was put together without a photo in mind.
 I was a bit concerned because I made the mat really big
and then of course all the layering that covered up the majority
of the stamping. 
I die cut those chili peppers awhile ago and felt compelled
to use them - along with the homemade "badge" I made - it fit perfectly.
I found this series of photos in the wayback box and
wasn't sure I had a digital copy so I took photos of them anyway
because there was soooo much dead space I felt
I could cut them down and still tell a story.

So its the new pp from Studio Calico along with that Basic Grey
that appears to be my "go to" for layering recently.
I even got a bit of journaling in at the top and the covered up
stamps are Shimelle's with ranger ink.


  1. Great save, Lynn! Loving the tags with the clothespins, twine and peppers!


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