Thursday, May 7, 2015

Chronicles of a driveby page - Day 7 - TA DA

Without further ado - 
Thanks so much for rolling with me here.

My pal Holli and I had a scrap date Tuesday,
so I gathered a few things to take over so we could play.
We did get a few things done and as a bonus
my lucky readers I shall share those with you.
Boo on me for no selfies though. :|
It was an after thought to take this page actually as nothing was adhered at that time.
Holli graciously offered up some cork thickers and
did a Tim Holtz on them by rubbing some of the new ink Peacock Feathers.
I love it.
Also after I made you wait so long one would think I could do a more
creative title - but no - it actually is an old 
fish house where fisherman lived and kept their
catch on ice until company boats picked them up to take to market.
It was a very remote life but oh look at that gorgeous shack.
It's right off the Starfish Company Market where delicious food 
is served on outside picnic tables with this scenic vista.
We went there with my brother&sister in law and wanted to scrap that beautiful day.
Rustic fine dining. Love it.
 One of the reasons, besides Holli and I having a great time together,
was for us both to make the 
adorable instamatic camera mini album.
I wanted it girly
for the granddaughter's upcoming birthday.
I need to fill in the guts of it
but doesn't a pink instagram camera make you swoon.
 Then we played with the new Tim Holtz inks
and she showed me how to swirl all that inky goodness around.
Holli has more stamps than Michael's so the variety was endless and it
was fun to "shop" and pick out various ones for these tags.
Are these not the bomb???
Now I will be building pages around the tags.
Won't that be fun?
Oh Holli made the palm tree one and since I adored it,
its now in my possession.

I do not mind that my pages take awhile.
Life sometimes intervenes.
Mojo sometimes disappears - or that perfect embellishment
or papers sometimes isn't obvious.
For me that is part of the creative journey and I'm fortunate to have
my scrapbook area easily accessible in the living room
so I pass by it quite a bit which enables me
to constantly play.


  1. That was the best day! Now just to fill in my book too..

  2. Gorgeous projects Lynn, those tags are sale worthy, love the vintage look to them.

  3. I love how the page turned out on Day 7, Lynn!


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