Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chronicles of a driveby page - day 2 & 3

Thanks for continuing on my journey.
Driveby is my design concept - as to where my page lays on
my desk and as I pass by I add, delete or rearrange things and then walk away.

And here we are and I found I so wasn't feeling it. 
It was so boring and the brown
just wasn't right - it was just too.........brown
and kind of overwhelming actually
and even though there wasn't much of it - it just didn't work.
 I decided to use the flip side of that basic grey paper 
sitting on my computer - because that side was just to wild
and I felt that maybe the light brown would 
bring out the photo.

Somewhat better ------


I decided that since I used my
roller dots on the base paper, it would spiff up the light brown paper
and if that wasn't enough I brought out my "notebook" punch 
to muss up the mat paper - it was supposed to be punched on the top
but alas it happened to the left side and I decided to roll with it.
Yunk yunk.
I also felt that it needed a little extra but not anything 
overpowering therefore I twirled some black thread about
in the top left and bottom right.
I kinda of liked this direction but,
 we had a dinner date for pizza......and never got back to it.


  1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets stuck for days on end. It sure feels good when that "aha" moment arrives though. It's looking great so far! :)


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