Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Sunday drive

which involved the RV ending up in Fort Desoto.
A county park that is near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
It is a gem of a park for campers and there are some
lovely spots on the water.
It's a wonderful getaway even if you live only an hour an half away.
We took some time after doing a driveby on the campsites to check out 
the beaches and piers.
There were a bunch of fishermen on the pier along with 
 this sly and crafty dolphin stalking their bait.
It was a tense situation.
However, both the fishermen and dolphin won.
 Then there is this poser.
He was on a rooftop of a pavilion on the pier.
 And seriously all he kept doing was nipping at this feathers,
and as a photographer it proved to be absolutely annoying.
He finally decided to man up and quit digging at the bugs and pose.
 And pose he did. 
If only the photographer got her settings right.
Not even photoshop could help. 
 But me and the blue heron were totally cool with it.

 And what's a pier without pelicans.
They were stalking the water, that had fisherman throwing
bait about - bringing forth fish.
Thus the patrol.
 Egmont Key and Lighthouse were directly across.
Sadly I totally sucked at the settings and the photos will be
languishing in my computer because they are seriously bad.
 We stopped to admire the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and drink some wonderful coffee
 - and I did take a few pictures because the light changed and it allowed
for the beautiful golden spans to be hightlighted.
As I said Fort Desoto is a gem for campers.
It has a pier for fishing and a couple of beaches with
pavillions and playgrounds for fun and frolic and food
and because its a county and/or state park - its totally affordable.
For a campsite on the water - depending on the time
of year it can be $50 a night or less.
If you want it spend the day at their lovely beaches with pavillions and piers
its only $5.00 per car. 
Where we were parked we had this lovely view of the bridge and
there were only 3 families on the beach.
A gem.
Gossip around the water cooler.


  1. gorgeous pictures! Wish I was there.

  2. Beautiful photos, Lynn! I always love seeing pics from your adventures. :)

  3. Beautiful photos, Lynn! So nice you have a place like that so close.


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