Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Major purge going to a good home

Did I think of taking photos as I went?
that would've been too easy.
However I was on a mission and I wanted to
really purge, not double guess and
hem and haw.
Because I'm really really good at that.
Which is why the majority of this purge
was tucked away in a closet that
I visited once in a blue moon.
I now have empty drawers.
Which means the additional storage I purchased.
I really didn't need had I thought
it all through.
I had stuff I hadn't touched, looked at
or fondled.
And sadly I'm not kidding.
However, I couldn't bring myself to throw it away.
And seriously our house is not in the best 
location for a yard sale so.......
A friend asked me if I had any supplies I didn't need
because she has a friend that doesn't have
a lot of money and loves to scrap.
This was my face :|
She can literally open a store.
I hope she has a blast!

I feel sooooooo free!


  1. Good for you! I'm sure she'll have fun.

  2. You are very sweet to do that Lynn. Now you can buy more stuff to fill the holes.

  3. Awesome! She will love it! You know if she needs more i am purging myself lord knows i could use the purge lol

  4. That is wonderful! You made someone else's day AND you got to purge!

  5. Purging is such a good feeling and knowing it's going to a good home makes it even better!

  6. I did this last week and it does fell good. I re-think too!!!

  7. I'm sure you made her friend very happy! and your face made me LOL!


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