Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Christmas page without Christmas paper

Funny how that worked out.
Actually the odds were good because by the time I decided
that Christmas paper would be in order,
it was all sold out.
And what I did buy I used up in 2 pages.
Therefore, it was time to think out of the box or in my case
flip through my endless supply of patterned paper to find something.
 This star Studio Calico paper worked out just fine.
Especially with some layers going on.

 Had a couple of issues going on - like gluing down
an embellishment then changing my mind.
It did work out and I'm quite glad to inform you the undo works
pretty good on glue.
I absolutely adore this photo.
The spontaneous, fun laughter cannot be faked.
They are having a blast.
And because of that, I wanted to show how precious it is.
They are the true gifts.

I really do need to learn how to work that Shimelle stamp.


  1. This is fabulous and I love that you didn't use any Christmas paper!!

  2. Fabulous, Lynn! Good for you for thinking outside of the box and creating a holiday page without any "true" holiday product!

  3. I believe it~ I'm going to try the same thing but in reverse! I see what you love about the photo~yes so awesome!!! Love what you have captured with this page:)


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