Sunday, December 7, 2014

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

with family and the Venice Boat Parade.
Getting there really early - we staked out our spot with
all the comforts of home.
With lots of food and drink.......
and the most important part - a bathroom.
Tom made cowboy coffee and declicious ahi tuna.
And Kate's veggie pizza and Amy's pizza dip- swoon worthy.
Its December people and see how we're dressed.
Sorry but you can keep your winter wonderland.
This is the life.
 Lots of action in the intercoastal.
 Making friends with the wildlife.
 As they boldly checked us out.
 Getting up close and personal by swooping into our camp.
 Minions opened the parade.
I love minions.
 This train was absolutely adorable.
 And some Florida fun.
 There was lots of music, clapping and hoopla.
We were in sort of a grotto and the boats were close in the channel.
And it was so much fun because it was quite interactive dancing
and singing the boat peeps.
Trying to catch a moonrise with a channel marker.
I had a learning curve going on here and 
it was tough in the dark - and I
didn't want to shine lights to make adjustments and
ruin all the awesome boat floats.

This is a spot were we will return to again - just to camp and
stick our feet in the water and hang out.
The water is shallow so if any kidlets that tag along want
to play they'll be close to shore
and they can ride the wakes as the boats pass by.


  1. the boat parade looks like fun! I am ashamed to admit after living here 13 years (5 of them IN Venice) we have never seen the boat parade. Putting this on my bucket list for sure.

  2. very cool~you really have it bad (LOL). and it looks like it agrees with you. Awesome pic's!!!

  3. A boat parade sounds like a fun time! Loved the photos!

  4. Great pics and location for watching the boat parade! I remember them from when I was a kid in Merritt Island, they used to come right behind our house. Fun!


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