Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Getting crafty with pinecones

We have a lot of pine trees in the backyard.
That bear lots of pine cones.
And every year I say I'm going to do something.
So this year I did.
I have a TON of supplies 
and I know that surprises you - so I dug out a variety
because I wasn't sure which way I'd roll.
 I started with paint.
And some glitter.
I must say that the deck looks lovely in glitter.
As did my hands, pants and hair.
 And the paint made a happy little pine cone and I love that color blue.
Or Turquoise or blue green.
I have lots of blue, turquoise pine cones.
 Next I broke out the stickles and it looked very pretty.
However squeezing it out bit by bit was annoying and time consuming.
So...I dumped the entire bottle out and commenced to painting it on.
 Painting worked out well for both Stickles and Liquid Pearl.
 I did make a variety until I ran out of something.
I used up a lot of supplies that had been sitting in the drawer
for a long, long, long time.
 The Stickles made it blingy.
 And the glitter made it sugary.
I really love both looks.
I also kept some of the pinecones pure.
Love that rustic look.
I used jute as the hanger and made it extra long.
And used hot glue.
Hot glue is like eating French Onion Soup.
And it ain't pretty.
I'm still pulling strings off of things.
 The beautiful bows were from ribbon from grandson Lou's shower.
I still have some left if you're interested.
However, its down to the colors yellow and blue.
So this is the case of about 40 pine cones all done up....
ready for our Christmas party that all my pals
can pick and choose whichever ones they like.
I did keep some for my trees and they look amazing as you can see above.

Anyway I used about 20 bottles of stickles
and 3 bottles of glitter.
I still have paint remaining
 (big bottles).

And you thought I was slacking off.


  1. They look awesome like that. I have an old milk jar that I filled it up with pine cones. Love them!!!


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