Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playing w/my art journal....

Played w/some paint and emphemera. Trying to get my thoughts out there. Which aren't coming together very well. Vision I played w/glimmmermist, rubons, some really old paper and thickers.
My vision of being a grammy and the reality of it. Two different things and I'm in the process of melding the two. And resolve it to my satisfaction which at best is not satisfying. The whole long distance thing bites.

Anyhoo, playing was fun even if it produced a downer because realistically is everyone always up???? Nope. But on the bright side, they are happy and healthy!!! And adorable. I'm feeelllinnng muuuuch better now. lol!!!!


  1. Hey - I think your "attempts" look pretty good! And yes, sometimes blogging just makes you feel better. :)

  2. love love it! it is looking great...i bet it must be so fun to make one!

  3. Love your paint and misting girl! and we all have blogs for mainly the purpose of being to get our thoughts out better. hugs sweetie!

  4. Your Minialbum looks wonderful!

  5. What an awesome project - it's looking fabulous!


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