Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flashback Friday 4.23 'always there'

Well its on Wednesday what can I ended in Y bwahahaha!!! So last week's challenge was to do a layout over something your mother would shake her head at. Since I had A TON of them literally (my bro and I were hellions) I picked one. However, I'm sure I'll be back with others. snort. So this one is about my NEW CAR. 1972 VW bug. yeah baby I rocked back in the day. lmao......and Cosmo Cricket Joy Ride. Well. 'nuf said b/c it's sooo perfect for this challenge. QK dragonfly (i really need to break out of this font) and the ever present prima. YUM!!!! If you'd like to play in this week's challenge - is about flowers, gardens (veggies included) green thumbs, any special you got corsages, etc. I'd love to see your take. So link me up baby!

journaling: This is my first car. Now, parents should KNOW that when your offspring gets their first car, they should NOT tell said offspring NOT to drive their car - especially if its the first day said car is in their possession. So with that in mind, after said parents left to DO something, I hopped in my new car to go over to my best pal Leta’s house to show off said car. Well on the way home, my new car stopped dead. And no matter what, wouldn’t start. There were NO CELL phones in this day. *gasp* I know. So I had the flashers on debating whether to walk to the gas station; when a young couple with a baby stopped to help. Explained my predicament, TOLD them parents had NO IDEA. But they didn’t have what they needed to tow me home. And they wouldn’t leave me alone. So LORD HELP ME, I hopped into the car with them and they drove what seemed to be MILES to get the tools they needed. So I’m now not only edgy because I NEED to beat the parents home, but I have no clue where I’m going and OMG! was this a good idea getting in the car. They towed me home, where my anxious brother was waiting and helped push the car up the drive and get it in the original position (which wasn’t quite there). What a blessing they were. SOoooo brother and I are awaiting the parents arrival on pins and needles because a. my NEW car doesn’t start and b. my new car won’t start. So mom comes in and we practically attack her (without trying to unduly attract dad’s attention (he just wasn’t the cool one lmao and was SOOOO clueless about a lot of stuff) to tell mom my sad story. So she said she KNEW something was up, keep MUM about it (HA!) and to wait until morning. So the next morning mom cleverly tells dad they NEED to go to the store and why don’t THEY test drive my car to make sure it good to go. So they hop in, turn the key and *gasp* nothing happens. They check all the gauges and they’re looking good. They call the dealer and the dude comes out w/some gas. Seems my gas gauge wasn’t working properly and I was out of gas. Dang. So simple. EVERY new car from then on ALWAYS had a full tank just in case (but I digress). Back to mom, SHE WAS AND HAS been always like that. No matter what we had going on and what plots we were doing. Mom was always there.


  1. oh gosh! can you believe that kinda stuff was okay back then? i had a similar experience when i hit a deer in high school...random guys house with a shot gun, LOL!

  2. Bet you wish you had that car today! CUTE in every way.

  3. I LOVE this layout - that paper is so stinkin' cute!!! I want, I want!

    Your story was very well written! Loved reading it. Crazy, though - to think back in the day it was ok to just get in some random stranger's car...LOL.

    (I like Ellen's story above, too!)

  4. hahahahhaa -- I can totally see you doing something like that! LOL and can I just say - I LOVE your hair back then! You were quite the hottie! ;) - LOVE the story and bless your momma and that couple!
    Your layout is awesome! i love how you rock this size!

  5. Now this is absolutely hilarious!!! and you got mad when your kids did what? LOL

    I like that PAPER!!! Could it be more perfect???



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