Friday, April 2, 2010

Flashback Friday 4.2 My Towns

So someone needs to tell me where March went. I mean really.....

So the challenge was to write about our hometown. Since I was nestled between 2. I embraced them all. A hybrid was called for because well I was shall we say a bit windy. And I know that just baffles most of you, because I am the soul of brevity. bwhahaha! AND now for the bridge I'll be selling ya.

So this Karen Foster is the second choice. I wanted to print on patterned paper instead of cardstock. The first paper which was totally cool - and oldie but goodie as well was Overton House by EK. When I first printed it, it was in fast draft b&w. Shazbot!!!! So I flipped it and that's when my printer devoured the paper. Sheesh. Anyway I really liked my third choice (can't count either). Added the autumn leaves swirls & primas of course. I was going to go red, white and blue but that seemed kind of obvious and heaven forbid that happen *insert eyeroll*. So I attempted to pull the colors out of the itty bitty picture of our house. OH and I need to learn to measure *insert more eyerolls* because I nipped the sides a bit too much and almost whacked the towns off that I so cleverly inserted in there and made opaque, all because I felt the NEED to back it on some black c/s. snort.sigh.

I should start an ADVENTURES IN SCRAPBOOKING WITH LYNN because it seems each one is an adventure and challenge of its own. Just saying...........lmao....

journaling: We lived in rural Williams Township, my Aunt across the field had a Hellertown address, while we had an Easton address. We called long distance. We all went to the same high school, in Wilson Borough. Go figure. Since I had grandparents in both little towns, we hung out in each.

I do admit that I liked Hellertown the best. My grandparents lived in a location where you could walk anywhere in the city, therefore there was a lot more to do. The neighbors had kids my age and we hung out. We hung out at the community pool for days on end (not good for my because I can’t tell how burned I would get and the agony that it would be (no a/c in those days). We hung out behind the school where they had all kinds of games to play and crafts to make.

Living rural and going to school in the borough made after school life interesting. The late bus was the only way to get home (unless picked up - tough with a one car family and dad did shift work) and a LONG walk home. After dark in the winter which mostly it was winter lol.

Then of course there were all the kids in the hood in rural Williams Township. We had a blast. We rode our bikes, hung out at each other’s houses, played pump pump tag (and if I have to explain....), camped out mixing up the genders with no thought of sex (seriously) in the same tent. Rode sleds in the winter, ice skated on the frozen ponds. We played ice hockey - I was the goalie ONLY because I was the only one who couldn’t skate and swing the stick at the same time. Snort.

Easton was fun, we had cousins there and hung out. My Uncle Dave who was only ten years older had friends who were very cool to be seen with. The best part in the summer was sitting on the front porch and chatting with all the neighbors doing the same.

Grocery and clothes shopping was mostly done in Easton, Bethlehem.

Hospitals were located in Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown.

Schools were in Easton, Hellertown, Wilson Borough.


  1. Oh what great memories! I should sit down and do something like this. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  2. Love this page! Thanks for your funny comment:)

  3. LOL - you totally should start Adventures in SB with Lynn...... very suiting for you! at least your adventures turn out great and big ol' messy blunders! Love the journaling!


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