Friday, April 16, 2010

Flashback Friday 4.16 'ageless'

I had a blast w/this and went in a completely different direction than planned especially after I bought this paper - Prima Marketing, along w/all the flowers lol!!! THIS WAS MY CHALLENGE bwahaha! and it was a bit more challenging than I thought. The challenge was to do a comparison between 3 generations. Digging through the pictures to find pix for each of us in the same age range had me digging through the WAY-back box AND hitting the backups. Finally I stumbled up 2 ranges were we are w/in 2 or 3 years of each other. I also tried to get the similar in dress and or pose, but alas that was tough to do as well. Alot of gaps in pictures sadly, as life happens, sometimes that is/was not a priority. QK added the titles and sub, mm vellum tags - broke them out from WAY-back stash. lmao..... and journaling strips = love those and used LDJ noodge font downloaded free from dafont because it was funky and fun. And the washer have no idea where that came from especially if dh is umm...hunting for one. bwahahaha!!!


  1. you're a bloggin' fool!

    another great project!

  2. Love this page! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog--that second page is definitely a deeper one. I also sent some bloggy love your way--see my blog!

  3. What a fabulous page! Love all the purple on here. You are gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous page Lynn ... I have a hard time believing that anything challenges you when it comes to scrapping, you just pull out that whip of yours and snap everything into place ... and wah lah, perfection is created.

  5. ooh! I love this page! you did a fabulous job with this paper and love the photos! you guys do look alike in the face! You are just beautiful my friend! No aging that I see!



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