Monday, August 11, 2008

WOO HOOO! 1.2 pounds LOST this week!!!

BAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYY! Soon to be a shadow of my former self. snort. I'm within 10 lbs of what the dr said I should weigh however, I think I should weigh less. She said it'll make me look old. She keyed in on how vain I really am (seriously) so I'll see how old I look when I get to that goal and go from there. Honestly this is really exciting and I'm thrilled to be "almost there". I figure by the end of the year I should hit my goal weight. Who rocks the scales!! *wink*


  1. wow only 10 more pounds to go that is so awesome ! congrats !

  2. Wooo Whoooo Lynn ... you are completely rockin' the scales ... you must feel fantastic. BTW .. love that photo of the shadow, very cool.

  3. YAY LYNN!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you. You've been working so hard, isn't it great to see results?

  4. ya-freakin'-hoo!!! that ROCKS!! 10 lbs is NOTHING compared to the journey! you can do it and oh it will be sooooooooooo sa-weet when you do! way to go!!



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