Tuesday, August 19, 2008

While Tropical Storm Fay has been a non-event

just an all day rain storm. No wind..... but an alien came along and possessed Shane. He turned into a really sweet kid that wanted to make me an egg sandwich, along with one for him of course, so it wasn't totally altruistic, snort. So as he asked I of course rattled off weight watchers points and it was really really HIGH. Really. 9-10 points depending. So he kept rattling off alternatives. Seriously. I even got a hug which totally raises alien possession to a new level. But he wanted a sandwich, he wanted to make me one. so we came up with 1 piece of bread one egg, one slice of bacon halved, and 1 piece of cheese. 7 points. But the kid making me a sandwich, for me. Priceless. Oh and because its all about Fay - pointless. smirk.


  1. must be the drop in pressure :D - how sweet of him - hope ya'all have braved the storm !

  2. The storm must have done something to his brain....Sweet and Shane in the same sentence, now that is worth noting *wink*.

  3. Awww ... that's very sweet, maybe he'll stay that way. Woo Whoooo wouldn't that be nice.

  4. Hey Lynn ... any idea whats up with SDD is it gone for good?
    Let me know at scrapcrazy62@hotmail.com


  5. Glad to see no major happenings with y'all with Fay...been thinking of you and Brooke. and fun post!! Teenage boy + storm = sweetness....BRING ON THE RAIN! LOL

  6. oh and I gave you an award - you can snag it from my bloggity blog :D



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