Monday, August 25, 2008

Streets of Philadelphia

oooooooooooo another steal from Springsteen. Because I'm a scrapper the song titles should come in threes and honestly I had one in mind, but I didn't capture it quick enough, so I'll have to fake it. Cosmo Cricket rises again and totally rocks. I love the collage feature in my Microsoft Digital Imaging software and it just brings all my favorite pix of Philadelphia onto one page. Of course you would believe that while watching the Travel Channel AFTER I came HOME from Phillie of the haunted places. Independence Hall and Betsy Ross's place were two that I did visit and sadly, no ghosts. Of course I reviewed all photos to make sure nothing whiggy were on them. Sadly there wasn't. Bummer. On a totally UNsad note, I lost another .4 lbs for a grand total of 19 POUNDS. woo flippin hooo!!!! Who rocks the weight loss. *doin the happy dance* grinning. snort.


  1. a truly awesome lay out ! love the distressing and the photos ! You are rocking the cosmo ! glad to hear your arm and neck are feeling better too!

  2. LOVE this one! Great shots! I really like the collage look and teh framing!

  3. ooh, LOVE LOVE LOVE the layout girl!! you totally ROCK that cc! congrats on the weight loss too! You big loser you ;) - now can you send me some of that loss????

  4. Great LO and love your choice in music! I found you from BG's!
    Have a great weekend!


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