Sunday, February 24, 2008

Putting sunshine in your day.....

that started out gray, overcast and misty. So misty I took my glasses off because the wipers weren't working and I couldn't see. snort. And as I was riding along, with Shane sort of by my side-lol, I began thinking that by the time we get to church I'll be looking like a wild woman, because the hair is gonna be outta control from the mist and humidity, my make up w/be frightening and my nose running(not a pretty sight). And just when I was contemplating more gloomy thoughts, Shane shot ahead of me. And made me smile. He swerved, he jumped, he twirled. He was taking joy in the day, being out on his bike, doing tricks, having fun. And I watched as he delighted in landing the tricks and took off to do more tricks. This was his sunny day. And he made it my sunny day. I forgot about the wild-do, the runny make up and nose and just watched him play and suddenly it wasn't so gloomy anymore. He made me realize what mattered. Finding joy in whatever you do. How innocent. How simple. How Shane.


  1. Fabulous! I love moments like that. When it just all makes sense. Glad you shared this!

  2. AT LEAST YOU DIDNT HAVE HALF a FACE of make up on bwahahahahahaha

  3. that is so sweet!! it's amazing what are kids can teach us and remind us of at the times we really need it!! - glad your day turned out so special!!


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