Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse.............awesome!

With the help of my darling sweet *snort* favorite youngest son, we took got this rawkin awesome photo of the eclipse. For some reason the flash on my little nikon would just not go off. grrrr!!!! Anyway didn't see the directions for "HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS OF THE ECLIPSE" until this morning when I was trying to find out what the planet is. snort. You gotta be fearless and just take the shot. lol!!! and in the words of one of my favorite scrappin stars - "IT'S OKAY!!!! Love that.
I know the slice of planet you see in the lower right is NOT Saturn. Saturn is upper left. which for some reason we couldn't focus in. I did see the triangle (just like scrappin-rule of thirds) when I was not behind the viewfinder. If anyone knows which planet that is I'd appreciate knowing.
Off to figure out how to download photos from my camera. Ack! It speaks of a USB cable. arrrgghh!! Yeah I have one of those laying around. snort.


  1. Hey, Lynnie... that planet is LYNNLAND!!!! HAH!!!

  2. Lynn, that eclipse photo is awesome! I went outside after 9, and it was cloudy so I watched tv instead. Didn't realize it cleared up. Now I gotta wait till 2010, if I live that long!

  3. we couldnt see the eclipse good because it was sooooooooooooo cloudy and overcast. I was so disappointed. love your photos


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