Thursday, February 7, 2008

Atlantis rises

from the smoke. and OMG ! it was awesome. We got a little closer this time. For sure. You could HEAR the roar and FEEL the thunder. It's totally absolutely positively AWESOME!!!!

Of course I DIDN'T have my gigabit card. Left that at home. heavy sigh. Left off the 2x teleconverter because it wouldn't autofocus. grrr! AND put the 70-300 on. However, I did have my 256 card. success! Not that it makes a diff on the photos. I had to go to manual. Again. Could I remember the settings. Um....NOOOOOOOOOOO! All I could remember was the ISO needed to be 200. Couldn't remember the aperature. REALLY heavy sigh. So I approached a photographer that had "ALL THE GEAR". Asked him. Just GOT the camera didn't know. Wasn't thinking about it. REALLY REALLY HEAVY sigh. So I faked it. AND with the use of my favorite photo shop software. I GOT THIS. Wooo HOO!!!.

Also got a Rosiate Spoonbill (according to dh) in flight. Soaring over head, being admired as all the cameras that went off. Also had a gator posing as well. DH said that it was a mechancial gator w/a camera on for survellience. snort. He came on shore and posed for pictures. It was funny really just bobbin around and turning toward the crowd. He had the poser thing down and no one was in danger as there was a DITCH between him and us. I was further up the hill not being impressed as I have them out in our canal. smirk.


  1. Oh my gosh Lynn ... what a spectacular picture of the lift off... it gave me the chills and then that gorgeous bird ... wow wow wow ... you had an awesome day. Oh and I have to tell you I love listening to your playlist ... it's the best.

  2. that is an awesome photo - it is totally on my list of places to go and things to see - dh wanted to go the last time we were down there, but the kids were too little - so it on the list for things to do when i get better and can travel more.

  3. They are absolutely awesome photos!! WOW!!!

  4. OMGoodness!! How lucky you were to be there and see it!
    My dh has been to a shuttle launch before when he was a kid...I want to go to one and take our kids!
    What great pics!!

  5. Wow! How cool that you get to experience this! Awesome pics!

  6. Oh wow, Lynn! That photo is totally out of this world awesome! WOW!!!!

  7. Very cool pics, Lynnn! Glad it went off and that you were able to be there to see it :)



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