Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can we saaaaaaaay grunge

BOARD!!!! my favorite youngest son doing what he does best - making a lot of racket. *insert eyeroll* but he's so cute and i have it on good authority. ALL the girls tell him so. snort. *another eyeroll* unfortunately its true and i really really need to talk to those girls!!! bwahahaha!

anyway - the grungeboard letters (except ONE-guess which one!) not you brooke - you already know. smirk. i didn't have the color i wanted for tim holtz's crackle paint, so i used paper plus crackle medium w/mm paints and had i done it correctly .snort. it would've been red on black - not black on red but alas we must make use of all opportunities. i love the feel of this because its all about well maybe NOT rock 'n roll but GRUNGE baby - garage grunge. love that!

1 comment:

  1. CCCCCCCCOOOOOLLLLLLLL LO!!!!!!!! Love that title-so clever *smirk*.


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