Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Watercolors and a bit of orange

Anyone else have trouble with orange?
It's a pretty color no doubt
but for some reason..........
Anyhoo, tossed in some watercolors with
some old stash.
I also just noticed I didn't roll with a title either.
Seems to work out okay.
 Love that more stash is getting used and
it works perfect with this photo.
I didn't use any gesso on this - and it worked.
Rolled with 8.5x11 mostly because I'm running out
of regular 12x12 page protectors and neither HL or M's
really have what I want. 
Did I mention both stores are downsizing their scrapbooking
aisles - not that they're cutting edge on anything
but it's good to have them to be able to see things live and in person.

Studio Calico.


  1. I here ya!!! Guess we will have to order supplies online, every stinkin little thing:)~ Love the page, you rock the watercolor! Orange is hard to photograph also, for me anyways:)

  2. Look at that orange makes me swoon.. loving the watercolors too


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