Thursday, October 26, 2017

Creating a page without a photo

I have been a little bored with my scrappy pages lately,
so I've been doing some skulking on u-tube and
I decided to go back to making a scrappy page without a photo in mind.
 Love how it turned out. 
Just plucking scraps out of the box and some
do-dads and wa-la.
 Since this was so much fun.
I did it again and tomorrow's page turned out to be
a lot of fun too.
Using some stamps for background and to make
my own embellies, as well as a couple touches of washi tape
here and there.
 This is my favorite eldest son with a plane bigger
than he is. And today he still takes to the skies
with those glider thingies and is an adreneline junkie.
 Not something a mom needs to dwell on.

Studio Calico and some unknown stuff
because I destroyed the package.


  1. love it and the photo fit in perfectly!

  2. Gosh I miss seeing your pages ... this one is gorgeous. I would have struggled when I was scrapping if I had made a page without a photo, it was hard enough for me to build a page around a photo or two. LOL ... it's been a long time, I hope you are well my friend.

    1. I am good Tania so glad you're doing well. I was getting bored. LOL. Dangerous thing for me to be!

  3. Love it. I really like the black and white banner with the white underneath. Gives it a second element with the negative space.

  4. Love the dolie on the page~makes a beautiful base for the center cluster. Lovely!!!


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