Friday, October 20, 2017

Another Mini Album

It appears when the mojo hits the road that
doing a project such as a mini album
helps getting back on track.
Sort of.
I picked this mini up at Michael's for $2.50 😊
I know RIGHT.
 It is a gardening album, but, in my humble opinion, it doesn't need
to be totally about flowers, plants, etc.
It's gonna be a gift for someone at sometime so shhhh!!!
 I did add some of my own die cuts and
used cardstock for mats for consistency throughout.
 The mat sizes are 3.5x4.5 and 2.5x3.5
shaking it up a bit with two on a page - but can also
be used for one big photo
if so desired.
 Everything is adhered in such a way that a photo
can be slid under.
 Two tags just hanging out and why not.
I really miss this style.
Used to be my go to until I had boy grandkids.
Styles do change.
 The seed packets can be used for extra photos
or journaling on the back since it's plain white.
Those little charms came with the kit.
Don't they make you swoon.


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