Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Christmas Card Page

Every year I save my cards the Ali Edwards way
and this year is no exception.
However, every year the cards get fewer and fewer.
This year I decided to fussy cut.
Usually I punch or whack a piece out but some of the cards
were so pretty that I had to just use more of them
which made it a bit awkward when doing 
the page that turned into a double spread - of which
I hardly every do.
I also have a friend that recycles my homemade cards
and the one she sent me this year had my handwriting 
on it and I decided to save it and add to my s/b page.
Love that she recycles my stuff and sends it back.
It's fun!
Anyway, it turned out cute and I'm happy.
The cards with photos were not chopped and are tucked
into the pocket made just for them.
The papers are from my LSS - a company called
Photoplay -  I never heard of this company but pretty all the same.


  1. This is so wonderful and what a great idea. I know what you mean. Sending cards seem to be dwindling tradition.


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