Thursday, December 28, 2017

A two title page...Maybe

It has been awhile my friends, and it
has been a lovely break.
I was working on a project for a friend and now that that's 
completed. I'm baaack!!!
Sort of. 
It's a mojo thing.

Anyhoo, this page has been laying about for awhile.
 A long time.
Of course I laid it out, rearranged it 1039874194710934 times
and in each case the arrangement remained the same.
Therefore, adhesive was duly employed.
 So the titles!
This is a page about hanging with my dad last month
and we played cribbage.
I haven't played in years, he plays cribbage like I scrap...Daily!!!
Sooooo I found "Lucky Bill" that I loved
and his name is Bill and skillful as well as lucky.
Then, I also wanted a cribbage-like title and
 cobbled together the "15-2".
Fifteen two starts a counting cadence that I was taught
as a kid. Cribbage started young in our family - my great grandfather
was helpful in our instruction and we started about 8-9 years old.
So for every 15 points you have in your hand ( when you play the cards) 
you earn 2 points to peg.
You also get points for pairs, runs, etc. 
but we always started counting with the 15's.
Anyway, we had a lot of fun playing
and I like to think I gave dear ole dad a run for his money.
Although he did skunk me twice 😒
He also made 2 shoo fly pies for me that
were soooo yummy kinda made of up for it LOL!
I think I surprised him at times when we played.
I like surprising people.
Anyway - we had a fun visit and I can't wait for rematch.

Studio Calico, Tim Holtz.


  1. Goodness, it has been years since I played Cribbiage. The layout is perfect. Are the "people" Maya Road? I have chipboard ones but I don't remember wooden ones. I love every details.

    1. The people are studio calico, and the gent is tim holtz :)

  2. I know nothing about cribbage, but time spent playing with your Dad is priceless! <3


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