Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas cards/ornaments

Broke out another Quikutz 4x4 die
(I'm so rockin' them this week)
Actually it's been over a couple weeks.
I had this flamingo.
Seriously, I can't answer that except it was
probably an impulse buy many
many many many many
years ago.
And I forgot it was Santa themed.
 So each one of the grandkidlets are getting one.
Their names are on them, and yes,
even the boys are getting pink - because
flamingos are pink.
 I put straws on them wanting to make an ornament type
so they can hang them on their trees if they wish
or just mess around with them. I ordered straws from Studio Calico
(they were on sale) but because
of all the black Friday happenings they shipped late.
So instead of green straws they are pink.
And these pink one's from M's came in 100 piece pack.
Anyone neeeed any pink straws??
It was actually a lot of fun to do.
Alot of die cutting.
I was also going to use cotton balls for 
Santa's hat but, where's the fun in that so I decided to roll
with stickles. 
Why do I not use stickles more often???

We are have decorated for Christmas - the big tree
needs to get set up.
All in All we are rolling really early this year
mostly because Shane was here and
he was the one to bring it all down from the attic.
How're your decorations coming?

 Bazzill Cardstock.


  1. Sooo cute!!!! Keep on keepin on ~ great stuff!!!

  2. I love the flamingos. How cool is that? I have the same straws and will have them for years to come. LOL My decorations are nearly finished. I have a tag banner I am trying to figure out where to put it.


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