Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The start of an Art Journal

Yeah Yeah I know you're saying another one well let me tell it did NOT start out with this in mind. I was going for a "snow" album and the Tattered Angels Glimmer Glass Album - Frosty Memories fit the bill.

And it started out blank. And as I surfed the net looking for some inspiration it seemed that there was a lot of glimmermist going on.

Sadly I do not have a lot of glimmermist so I thought watercolors may do the trick.

So I started with snow flakes on the back cover and I used a 2way glue because I wanted to remove them after I had painted over them.

I was also going for some sort of hombre look that didn't quite work out. I did without thinking use primary colors. So blue, red and yellow turned into other colors depending on how messy I was with the water.

 And I got messy. What's the fun without the mess? So I blended and swooshed and pulled off the snowflakes.

And seriously it didn't look too bad.

I decided why not some glitter. And that turned out pretty good.

I basicially mimiced the same on the front cover because why reinvent the wheel when something is working. 
I got to this point and the $64 question of the day was....
In reviewing the photos I printed out it didn't in my mind seem to want to work, however, I high hopes.
Continuing on with the same technique (watercolors) basically, I did the inside cover and the first page using a die cut as a template for dots on the first real page.  I decided I was loving this and having a real good time with it all, I confidently continued on..........
Stay tuned to the same bat channel tomorrow for more....

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  1. Ooo! So pretty with the watercolors and snowflakes, Lynn. Can't wait to see more!


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