Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I am on a mission

See this bin? Its filled with bits and pieces of yarn from baby blankets and afghans I made over the years. I decided that the closet could use one less bin and to do that I came up with a GOAL-To make as many baby blankets as I can, using what I have - not buying any yarn to finish it off AND a PERSONAL CHALLENGE.
And I have alot of yarn.
Thus far, I have crocheted a total of eight baby blankets - 2 have been given away. One to baby Sam who really needs it in Brooklyn and the other to my pal Holli to give as a shower gift. Love that. 
Some of the blankets are straight up - one plain color on the blanket and another as an accent on the ruffle AND now I have made blankets that are pieced together with whatever leftovers I could find.
It has been an amazing process and I have to fight my conservative instincts in not getting really wild with the blankets, thus my CHALLENGE. Thus began the rebellion.  The varigated yarn is is the middle *gasp* of the square pattern to help stretch the blue. I left the edging less ruffly on this one. While boys can do ruffles sometimes its good to change it up, and I was kind of running out of blue.
I thought I'd stretch one out so you can see - as the artfully draped really don't show the whole picture. Now this is the next rebellion as you can see it was wild. I mean soft white totally different than white white. LOL. However, this will come as a shock - I was running out of white. So this pretty varigated yarn totally rocked it out and its near the to the corner when I realized the white wasn't going to make it. I saved a bit of the white for the itty bitty corner edge to make it in my mind cohesive and having enough varigated for the ruffle edging.
Getting quite bold here as the reds/pinks actually match better than what this light shows but if not, oh well - I love this one and I think its just so much fun because not only is varigated brought in but there are two other colors *gasp* I am getting quite edgy here.
And my last fav so far - I noticed that I have quite a lot of that green and pink going on. I do take requests or try to match the nursery if I can - and I must admit I quite like being the rebel and mix and matching the colors. I have always been worried that if its too wild maybe it wouldn't get used. Know what? I think I'm over my bad self about that. LOL. 
And here is one in progress. I am a one trick pony as I use the same pattern each and every time. Why? Because I don't have to think about it and its very relaxing not to have to figure out what a pattern is trying to tell me. This is called the crazy brick stitch and the highest count is 6.  It starts as a VEE and turns into a SQUARE. It is then completed, except for the edging. No piecemeal, stitching necessary. Love that. 

Tomorrow I shall attempt to share the pattern if you like. 
I need to work out the logistics. 
this should be good


  1. All the best with your challenge! You can do it!!

  2. Good for you, Lynn! Love how these all turned out! The white one is so pretty with the section of color in there. Does this mean we won't be seeing scrappy stuff for a while? LOL! :)

  3. WOW!! These are all wonderful! this is something I wish I knew how to do.

  4. Beautiful blankets, Lynn, I love the ones with mixed colors, and especially the white/multi one!

    You are so talented...I am glad someone is! :D


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