Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just goofin around......

with my youngest, who is quite charming and fun, AND doesn't mind acting the goof.
We took a nice break at Starbucks where we enjoyed the outdoors and my friend Barb had her first mocha frappacino light. (2 points-tall). YUM!
And seriously, I see where he gets it from. LOL!!! We had a great time, and honestly, Shane surprises me by willing to hang with a couple of old ladies and have a great time doing it.
That's why my boy is my favorite youngest son!


  1. Great looks like you guys have a great relationship! :)

  2. you have quite the handsome young man there Missy ..

  3. this is so sweet, lynn! my dad calls me his favorite youngest daughter, too. that is so cute!

  4. Oh Please ... don't even call yourself an old lady, that pic of you and Shane tells a totally different story about age. Looks like a great relationship ... wonderful memories ... just what life should be made of.


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