Friday, October 29, 2010

Bats, witches and candy oh my...............

Must be Halloween.....BOO!

Had a blast making these simple cards with stickers. And pop dots. I LOVE pop dots.

Got them in the mail yesterday and hopefully they'll get there in time. As usual I'm johnny-on-the-spot with this stuff. Usually it sneaks up. HAH! I'm at least 4 days out. However, maybe the post office will do Sunday. Snort.

Had some help from Bo Bunny (green paper) and on the inside echo park tags. Outside Sandylion stickers.

Which reminds me, I either need to buy candy or turn my lights off Sunday. Sigh.


  1. Yeah, pop dots rock--and you rocked them on these fab cards. So cute and so creative!!!

  2. I am not a fan of all things Halloween related but those are just plain CUTE! The green and the simplicity of those images did it!

  3. Adorable cards Lynn! LOVE the witch hat and legs. Too cute!

  4. oh i am loving those cards! they are just too cute!

  5. These cards are the cutest!!!!!! LOVE.

  6. Wonderful cards Lynn ... I bet the recipients adored them.


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