Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scraplifting Ali E....AGAIN......

Love that I am now throwing out Christmas Cards guilt free. The las 3 years I have "lifted" Ali's idea of cutting out parts of the cards and making a page. This year I didn't receive many, but I cherished each one. I also decided this year that I would add circles to it because I couldn't locate the big square punch I wanted. Got more with pictures too. So I decided to use a no-name metallic gold. And it was flimsy. So I glued it to a piece of cardboard. WELL...tacky glue lumps. Which I found out after I put the paper on. So now I had stiff, lumpy metallic. Then I decided it was kinda plain, and well the lumps could be ummm......embossing. Bwahaha! So I dry brushed some red paint over my umm...embossing. LOL! So now I have texture. With some help from Chatterbox bling and alphas and stickers, prima AND a sharpie. Gasp. WELL.


  1. Awesome lifting. I love lifting Ali's designs! By the way, it did not kill me to leave a comment. LOL I love it.

  2. Very cool Lynn, and how clever of you to use the flaws to your advantage. I love the red that you added to the page, and the photo/card cluster. The golden retriever is cute too. Love that breed.

  3. They look great & what a clever idea to paint over the lumps!

  4. beautiful pages Lynn! And I love the idea of using the christmas cards that way! hmmm...makes me feel bad now for just tossing them all! LOL --- next year!!

    Anyway - LOVE the Flashback Friday layout too - i love that line of Cosmo!

    Very inspiring pages here my friend!

  5. Ooh! Love all of these Lynn!

    And you should totally join us over at CCG!

  6. Love these pages Lynn ... I never thought of incorporating bits and pieces of Christmas Cards in to the designs ... you totally rock at this.


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