Thursday, January 28, 2010

I just love heritage photos.....

and I'm working on my second Roots journal. Its an informal recording of the past. Sadly, I have photos with people and places I can't identify, so I just go w/what I know. I have cousins that help with stories from their perspective.

In these to lo's I look at the photos and see the dynamics of my gram w/her IN-LAWS. They are young @ 27. Their body language indicates there is love and camaraderie between them that I wasn't aware of when they were older (and I was privileged to each and every one). It just amazes me that I see that my gram was their sister, no pretense, she was family and it shows in the photos. Later in years, the in-law sisters stepped up to take care of her after my grandpop died, not her family and she had plenty of siblings. I just wish I knew more.

Just like US when WE were young, they dressed alike = maybe even planning it. They went places together and partied with each other. AND in knowing them later they were a combustable lot so I'm sure there was some conflict at some of these hoe-downs. But in the pictures they were young people having a good time. Being close. Sharing their lives.


  1. Very, very pretty! It must be hard to only have part of the story.

  2. I love my heritage photos even though I don't have a whole lot of them. You make me want to pull them out again, love what you have done.

  3. Gorgeous! I love heritage photos too and a have box full of them. I'm terrifed to scrap them though but just may have to pull a few out now!


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