Friday, January 29, 2010

Faith....Flashback Friday 1.29

Love these challenges and Cosmo Cricket and YES SBE template 217 strikes again. lol!!!! Maybe I'll go through them babies twice. Got some primas of course and used a Theresa Collins album cover as a template for my journaling.

My grandparents had a major role in this also. I know what a surprise. My gram's church which was right across the street from where they lived (along w/the elementary school) allowed easy access and since she didn't drive, she could go any time she wanted. It's now a rec center, the new church that was built was moved to the end of town much to her dismay. My grandpop's church was a generational church in the country and a hospital during the French Revolution. The cemetery just rocks with information. But I digress again. Since I had moved to the "country" when I was a tween, it made more sense to go there. I have NO idea why they went to different churches except they both had different roles in each. However, when there was work to be done, gram would jump on in to help grandpop's church, as it was the poorer one. They were the best examples ever of living their faith.

journaling: I was baptized in my Gram's church, confirmed in my Grandpop's church. Both were Lutheran . I thought that was normal. I attended and had friends in both growing up. My journey continued in seeking other denominations. Always returning to my roots. I love serving, the readings, the communion. I love that I've been blessed my whole life. I love that I have the faith of my grandparents.


  1. What a fabulous layout girl!!! Love it!

  2. What great pics and a gorgeous page, Lynn! The papers you chose are so perfect with your photos! I love all your flashback pages!

  3. Oh girl I love this!!! What a beautiful church too!


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