Monday, November 30, 2009

Rock On.......

Love the SBE templates (219) and yes I'm almost through them. bwahaha!!! Which I'm sure you'll appreciate when I'm done. However, it was very cool to use in telling this story. My DH's parents would come down to visit every year and the last time they actually drove (which was a good thing it was their last for all other drivers on the road), they brought Tom's rocking chair and a fire engine he used to play with. (The fire engine lives on our shelf in the living room. Very cool vintage). Anyhoo, the chair was in really really bad shape. Our good friend Bill, a carpenter fixed the things that were falling off. And SHOOT ME as the family documenter that I didn't take a picture of it in that sad state. GRRRR!!!! However, I did pick it up prior to the sanding, and painting, and sanding and painting. SHOOT ME again I didn't photos of the packing and sending either. Sigh. BUT Tom got to see and take photos of his little man sitting in his chair. I'm so glad it was saved, and was able to be fixed and passed on to the next generation. Rocking awesome.
Materials: bo bunny pp (yum-0), ki chipboard, cosmo alpha chipboard. noteworthy, qk vixen (yes, again). I'm a creature of habit when it continues to work. SHOOT ME. bwahahaha! (I also put a "child's book" together for Owen through Kodak and it came out beautifully. It was really fun to write the story......of Owen's Little Red Rocking Chair.


  1. The layout looks great. Love how you fit so many photos. Great title, too. Just perfect.

  2. This looks awesome, Lynne! I have such a hard time with multiphoto layouts!

    P.S. Re: my sneak peeks--you don't have to be a subscriber to see the layouts and classes for the manufacturer events--you can just go into the forums, and they'll be displayed there.

  3. wow Lynn! I love all the pictures you used and how cool that Owen gets to to rock on in that chair! Now he can pass it down to his children! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving hun! THinking of ya! xoxoxox


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